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Black core, museum, conservation solid core, monochrome and barrier board by Slater Harrison.

Black core mountboard: has a non-acidic core and backing; it creates an added 3-dimensional look that only a black centre can impart. Ideal for beautiful and accurate v-grooves.

Museum Board: a premium product manufactured from non-acidic 100% cotton fibre. It is lignin-free and is 100% conservation standard.

Conservation solid core: 100% conservation quality and when bevelled, the colour remains consistent throughout. Use in conjunction with conservation barrier board to provide a total conservation framing service.

Monochrome: this unique range of black and white mountboard combines black and white layers in one board and produces a stunning effect when bevelled.

Barrier Board: white conversation board buffered with calcium carbonate for conservation mounting and used as a barrier between the artwork and the backing board.