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Underpinner Wedges

Wedges to suit all underpinners.

Cassese® Master Uni Wedges
Masters™ wedges are made from a special steel alloy which gives shape memory properties to the wedge. When it penetrates into the moulding, it spreads its wings which, because of shape memory, then try to come back to their initial position.This results in pulling very strongly the 2 pieces of mouldings towards each other, so as to give a perfectly closed corner.

Cassese® Cartridge Wedges
Antoine Cassese invented the first wedge in 1976. From the beginning this wedge was not glue coated, in order to avoid jamming and technical problems in the underpinners caused by glue accumulating in the wedge shooting channel.
In addition, this makes it possible:
1) To lubricate the wedges so as to protect them against rust.
2) Allow a better penetration into the wood.
3) Lubricate the internal wedge shooting mechanism of the underpinner.
Indeed, each time you shoot a v-nail, you lubricate your machine, i.e. “the more you work, the more you maintain your machine…” That’s the secret of Cassese underpinners’ longevity.