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Morsø Machinery

World-renowned Morsø mitring machinery cuts perfect double and single mitres with virtually no waste or dust.

Solidly engineered and built to last, Morsø F and F plus Ten manual mitring machines are simple to operate with powerful blades that effortlessly produce clean, smooth and precise cuts every time. Morsø F Series cuts hardwood, soft wood, plastic and MDF, requires no compressor or electricity and therefore can be used anywhere.

Morsø F
The sturdy and compact Morsø F cuts a double mitre at 45° and a single mitre up to 90°. It can also be used to produce mortise and tenon joints as well as a wide variety of angled cuts.

Morsø F Plus 10
A more ergonomic model with a working table height of 930mm which is 10cm higher than the Morsø F and is ideal for taller people. The height of the foot pedal remains the same as the Morsø F.