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A superior range of framing equipment designed to increase efficiency and improve productivity.

A+ Automation has been providing the picture framing industry with high-performance cutting and joining equipment for over twenty years. Superior engineering and a dedication to research has led to a well-earned reputation for innovative high-quality machines that are safe, durable and extremely reliable.

T-2000 Series Double Mitre Saws
Easy to operate heavy-duty saws that have been chosen for their speed, reliability and high-quality output. There are two models to choose from depending on the maximum frame width you require. Ideal for medium- to high-production environments.

A range of solidly constructed underpinners designed to assemble frames with precision, speed and efficiency that provide trouble-free operation year after year. All our models join wood, Polcore and MDF mouldings, and use special steel wedges that are available in several sizes.

A1-X-ML Manual Underpinner
An entry-level manual underpinner ideal for smaller businesses and hobbyists. Foot operated and easy to use, the A1-X-ML accommodates mouldings up to 70mm wide.

A44-P Pneumatic Underpinner
A mid-level pneumatic underpinner with a powerful horizontal clamp for joining larger frames up to 160mm wide.

A5 MemoTS Programmable Underpinner
An advanced pneumatic underpinner that uses a Windows interface to store and instantly access profile data. Perfect for those requiring high-speed assembly and frequent changeovers.

A6 MemoTS+/A6 Basic Electronic Underpinners
Top-of-the-range programmable pneumatic underpinners, designed for busy workshops and high-production framers. Unrivalled for their speed and ease of use.

Demonstration models are available to try in our workshop. Please call 01949 861000 to arrange an appointment.