AllSize stretcher bars

Check out these videos to see how easy it is to construct stretcher bars of any size!

Assemble any size of stretcher frame, instantly! Our new AllSize system is the ideal solution for unusual or bespoke stretcher requirements.

AllSize stretcher moulding fixing a crossbar

Cut these special finger-jointed wood profiles to any size with a saw or guillotine; then use the specially designed inside and outside birch plywood connectors to construct a stable and fully keyable stretcher frame.

A truly cost-effective choice – there's no waste as you can connect leftover pieces to construct usable lengths.

AllSize stretcher moulding inner plywood connector
Complete range of AllSize Stretcher bars

AllSize is fully keyable to tension the canvas

How to assemble an AllSize frame

How to assemble an AllSize frame with a cross

How to add a centre bar to an AllSize frame

How to cut and assemble the Flatscreen profile

Fill up the side with ready-made plywood strips for stapling on the sides

How to cut AllSize stretchers on a Morsø