Mainline File Downloads

Download a PDF of our Catalogue and Price Guide

These are PDF versions of our latest printed catalogue and price guide.

For up-to-date prices please see the prices on the website or download one of the text price lists in the Keep your pricing software up-to-date! section below.

Moulding Range Information Sheets

Downloadable PDFs with pictures and moulding data giving a complete overview of individual ranges.

Product Information Sheets

Downloadable PDFs with product data giving technical information for individual products.

Download images for web

Download low-resolution images which can be used for web-based work including images for your website. These images are 72dpi.

You will require a special password to access the image downloads page as your normal login details will not work. Please call 01949 861000 for your password.

If you require high-resolution images for print material, please email for more details.

Mainline online price list

EstLite Pricing Software

A straightforward frame pricing program, EstLite strikes the right balance between simplicity - easy everyday user interface, and complexity - with the ability to profitably and consistently price any framing job that you encounter. We now supply an estimated delivery date for out of stock products.

Visit EstLite's website

Keep your pricing software up-to-date!

We think it's important for you to have the latest information and prices available on your in-house pricing system so have made our complete price list available to download in a csv format which can be seamlessly integrated with your software.