Morsø Mitring Machinery

Produce perfect 45° mitres simply and effortlessly using the world-renowned Morsø-F Mitring Machine.

This sturdy and compact machine cuts a double mitre at 45° and a single mitre up to 90°; it can also be used to produce mortise and tenon joints as well as a wide variety of angled cuts.

Morso Model F mitring machine top view

The Morsø-F cuts double mitres very closely ensuring minimal moulding waste (less than 1mm) compared with at least 1cm of wasted moulding when using a mitre saw. This invaluable aid to picture framers produces virtually no dust either!

The Morsø-F is manually operated using a unique built-in lever system which ensures the cutting operation is effortless and accurate, leaving the cut surface of the wood perfectly clean and smooth, and requiring no further finishing before joining. The machine also incorporates a foot pedal which performs the vertical movement of the knife block.

The horizontal movement of the knife block is adjustable in steps while a sliding longitudinal stop and measuring scale ensure accurate repeat work. Double heavy-duty return springs automatically bring the knife block back to the starting position.

Technical data for
Morsø Model F Mitring Machine
Double mitre45°
Single mitre up to90°
Cutting width, maximum100mm
Cutting height, maximum160mm
Square cutting65/66mm
Measuring scale up to1500mm
Net weight90kg
Morso Model F mitring machine side view

The Morsø-F Mitring Machine comes with a safety guard, waste chute, sliding longitudinal stop, measuring scale for both length and width, adjustable fences (from 45° through to 90° on either side of the knife block) and adjustable rebate supports.

Because the Morsø-F is manually operated it needs no compressor or electricity and can therefore be operated anywhere.

Morsø Model F Plus 10 Mitring Machine

This is a new more ergonomic model with a working table which has been raised by 10 cm and is ideal for taller people. The working height of the foot pedal remains the same as the Morsø-F.